Where Have I Been?

I know I made a commitment to write daily, but the more I wrote the less I found myself and the more I became lost by the image I’ve been trying to create.

I made this blog with a hope of finding a purpose and a peace, but I got lost developing my writers voice. I’ve really been struggling with my mental health the past few months. I’ve taken time off work, switched departments and schedules, but still nothing seems to help. I’m drowning in my depression. I tell myself if I wake up and get out of bed and take a shower I’ve done enough for the day. At least I’m clean and alive.

Being single doesn’t help this. I’m 32 and I feel my biological clock tick, tick, ticking away. I’ve tried to get my foot back out the dating door, but it never goes well. The last guy I went out with turned out to be a bad person. We met online, and things seemed fine at first. As the conversation progressed though something was just off about him. There’s so much to this story I feel like it needs it’s own post. Maybe tomorrow.

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