Treat Yo’ Self! – Rewards for Weightloss

I’ve been incredibly busy the last week so I’m so sorry to have not posted! I’m really slacking lately. So since going Keto I’ve lost 11 lbs, and had a mad burst of energy. I’ve taken advantage of our less cold weather here in Ohio to start cleaning things out of my house again, and spent some extra time in the office enjoying the socialization and company of coworkers. Here I am though to save my Rewards Plan with you! For me I always seem to set up diets and fall off at some point because I get bored, or discouraged. I’ve decided with Keto I’m going to give myself a rewards structure! I think rewarding yourself as you hit tiers is a good thing, and can be motivating. My ultimate goal is 115 lbs. My plan is at 50 lost to start working out lightly doing some cardio, and at 75 to do some light weight training.

So I’ve always wanted a glitter tumbler from Etsy so that’s an easy reward to obtain and not too costly to me! The mani & pedi are things I would normally get separately and I have a favorite spa I go to for them, which is where I would also treat myself to my first facial and a massage! I’ve also always wanted a tattoo, but want to wait till the weight is lost and of course new clothes are a must! I definitely recommend this to encourage your weight loss!

Yesterday at work we had a potluck and I was terrified I would mess up. I decided to eat a little before I left the house something I don’t normally do since it falls into my fasting period, but I figured the risk of indulging in non-keto foods was more important that messing up the fast for a day. I did really well! I was incredibly portion controlled. I asked what was in things for some folks and for others I just avoided all together if I knew it wasn’t keto friendly. I had one small plate and I was full! I came home tallied everything up using the premium version of Fitness Pal (a must for Keto in my opinion), and was shocked I’d managed to stay within my goals for the day!

I find myself starting posts and then sitting them off to a draft status to wait for an upload later. Work is getting busy and I’m spending more time in office than normal. I promise though to finish those up this weekend and start sharing. I even have a great recipe for a Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake that’s 100% Keto friendly I can’t wait to share!

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