I did a thing!

So this isn’t going to be a super long post, because it’s been a long day for me. 5 days ago I weighted in at just a few ounces below 250 so I classified it as 250. I stopped doing It Works because it clearly wasn’t working. So I decided to try Keto. I went through my fridge and tossed out everything carb loaded, which needed to be done considering I was getting a new fridge anyways (ps I love it!) I then waited for the new fridge, purchased this book, which has been one of the easiest Keto resources I have found, and bought $200 worth of Keto friendly groceries at Whole Foods.

Guys. I’ve lost 7 lbs in 5 days! I am BEYOND excited. I am not hungry. I actually LOVE the food I am eating, and have found myself able to easily adapt recipes I do love. The first two days were a little rough just because I started getting the “Keto Flu” and had some stomach aches, but pickles, Vitamin Water Zero Lemonade and LOTS of water helped keep them under control since they gave me hydration, sodium and electrolytes. I haven’t even started working out yet since switching over! I’m really stoked 😀 I will share some of the recipes and products I’ve bought in my next post. Also I’ll keep updated with progress pics! I actually am shocked at how fast it’s working. I know it slows down, and I know you have to take breaks and then restart so I figure if I make it to the 25 lb mark without any hiccups I will take a day off, eat a few carbs and some sweets then go back at it. I’ve become used to the Stevia and they make flavored ones and liquid which are really nice! I’m super excited about this! My goal is to lose 50 lbs then throw in exercising and then aim for another 60 and be right where I want to be. So a total of 110 so only 103 more to go! Once I break past that 100 lb mark here (hopefully in a few days) that will feel amazing. If I get down 23 more lbs I’ll be at the weight I was last time I dieted and went all the way down to 180. 180 is the lowest I have been since college so I’m really hoping to see that again.

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