It Works Week 1 Results

So. Week one has passed. I will say I didn’t exercise, but I did make healthier food decisions and practiced portion control. At the end of the week I have ended up gaining a pound from my start. That is kind of a bummer, but I’m going to keep at it. I don’t think It Works actually works at this point, but we’ll see once the whole month passes what happens. I do have 2 more items to select from them so I may try some other things, and I still have the wraps which I am to use in the last 2 weeks per my distributor.

As a result of It Works being kind of what I expected I’m moving myself into Keto! I’ve wanted to do Keto for a long time, and with the cold weather I spend less time going grocery shopping which means my home is pretty devoid of food especially carbs. I’m starting today with Mississippi Pot Roast! I’m super stoked, it’s easy to make and it looks delicious. I am using Belle of the Kitchen’s recipe as it uses the crock post and I had all of the required ingredients!

My EveryPlate meals were kind of a bust. The tomato’s were very under ripe, the pasta recipe didn’t have enough liquid so it wasn’t quite as creamy as it should be ultimately. The tacos were good and I really loved the pickled radish topping, which was thinly diced radishes soaked in lime juice with salt and a little sugar. The meatballs were ok, but required the most dishes of all. I think that was what frustrated me the most was I had to do dishes literally everyday with these. As a single person I don’t have a lot of dishes and usually do them every few days, but these meals each required a few pots and pans to complete them. I’m a simple one pot girl who loves her crock pot and cast iron skillet. If I can find a meal kit that functions as a one pot meal kit I will be thrilled to try it.

I know I only have a small handful of readers now, but is there something you guys would like to see me write about? Recipes? Vacations? Cleaning? Dieting? Crafts? Unboxings? Trials? All the above!? Just let me know in the comments.

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