It Works Day 2 After the Cleanse

Hey everyone! So as mentioned I am doing the It Works System to see just how it works. I am still skeptical as always with diet products, but I figured I’d try this. So as mentioned the Cleanse itself was quiet sweet. By the evening of the first day though I was prepared for it even though I told myself I’d never do it again. Well after the second day I decided it wasn’t the worst thing ever and I’d be willing to do it again at some point. It definitely gave me more energy, and The Greens noticeably do that as well actually. I still love The Greens by the way they’re very tasty like a flavored matcha. I’m still taking the ThermoFight pills as well usually one with breakfast and one with dinner, unless I do something very light for breakfast then I wait till lunch. Essentially I just eat them with my most calorie heavy meals.

So after Day 2 what are my findings? Well I expected some bloating at first or even some sort of reaction, but nothing. I felt good. My eating was ok. I ate a breakfast burrito one day and the next a breakfast sandwich on low carb flat bread. I had some low-salt chips and salsa for lunch and EveryPlate for dinner day 1, and day 2 as I was out of town for a funeral I skipped lunch, but came home and ate a Beyond Burger unwich. So here I am day 3 and I decided to weight in. Low and behold I’ve lost 1 lb. Not a huge accomplishment to say the least, and maybe nothing to do with the System. Still I’m quite happy to see that number drop by one whole pound. I will continue with The Greens and the ThermoFight pills and keep you guys updated as my weeks go on. On Saturday I’m going to try one of the Wraps so that should be super interesting!

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