It Works! System First Impressions

Alright! I said I would keep you guys up to date on It Works and so here is day 1 really morning 1 and my first impressions. So I stayed up late observing the snow and enjoying it thus I woke up a little late. Not a big deal being that I work an evening job you guys may notice most of my posts come later at night and that is because I stay up a bit late.

So that aside I decided to start the It Works! System. I signed up for their auto-ship system for 3 months which means I pay shipping for 3 months then the shipping is free and I also get a discount on the products which I’m cool with. I explained in my previous post what all this comes with and you can find that here. My biggest concern is the lack of instruction. Each individual product has details, and there is a very brief description on the product page I even went on Youtube hoping to find a video, and watched the one my distributor sent me, but there is not a lot of rules that say ‘do this then this to get this.’ Honestly the company could profit even more off making a separate guide that structures plans off of their products for those who are already invested and to make money off their biggest customers, their distributors. So I read each package and kinda went with it since this system is supposed to last me a month.

For starters you get 4 bottles of the cleanse for 2 days. You drink one in the morning and one at night. You also get the greens blend in berry, which you drink once a day so morning makes sense to me. Then you get the Thermofight pills to help metabolism and you’re basically supposed to take them 2-3 times a day before eating so I assume before each major meal. I’ll probably do them twice. Lastly is the body applicator. Now this cleanse is supposed to run me for a month so I figure I’ll do one each week at the end of my week.

Step 1 – Cleanse So I drank one bottle and it was obnoxiously sweet and a bit hard to stomach first thing in the morning! Most of the reviews I watched seemed to be by distributors. I did see one that wasn’t and it looked like a lot of distributors in her comments trying to convince people she was wrong and that it was good. Some of the comments were downright mean and this is disappointing, but expected of an MLM. Having worked for two I know the companies are very driven in getting their distributors to talk products up even if they haven’t had them or don’t truly in their hearts agree. Some just get kinda brainwashed into thinking it is good and eventually convince themselves of it. Still though I’m sure there are people who like this. Back on track though I think I can manage to get through 3 more bottles. It was just not at all what I was expecting it to be. I just assumed it would be bitter or acidic not sweet. Perhaps I’ll get used to it. You can find the nutritional information below. All the fruit extracts might explain why it is such a sugary punch in the morning.

Step 2 – Greens Blend So the one rule I broke with this is it says to drink with water or juice, I’m sure either would have been fine, but I used coconut milk. I actually REALLY like this stuff. It’s two tiny scoops in 8 ounces you just put it in the blender bottle and drink. I made the mistake of cooking up a small egg and spinach breakfast burrito while drinking this with the plan to take the ThermoFight pill. The thing was this made me extremely full, or maybe it was the sugary disaster above. I don’t know, but something filled me up and I’d like to assume it was this. I expected this to taste somewhat like a matcha. I suppose it kinda did, but it was better and this is from a girl who loves matcha. I updated my auto-ship to try another flavor of this it comes in berry, chocolate and orange so I’m diving into the chocolate next! Here are the nutrition details for it, and as you can see there are lot of healthy, easily pronounced, natural items in there so I’m super happy about that.

Step 3 – ThermoFight – So I took the pill. It’s a pill and it smells kind of earthy and looks kind of earthy. I’m currently nibbling on a small egg and spinach breakfast burrito with it nothing fancy. It’s light, low cal and not super unhealthy. Here are the nutrition details for the pills, which you are take once before each meal.

So now comes the painful honesty. I weighted in when I woke up and I weighted in at 248 lbs. Pretty close to my all time high. Honestly if I can lose 8 lbs by the end of the month combining this system with a healthy diet and exercise I’ll be happy and interested in buying more. The big thing they stress is 8 ounces of water a day. I do that easily so it shouldn’t be an issue. If the system interests you check out Nicole’s shop she will gladly take any support you can give her. 🙂

Later tonight I’ll give a Day 1 experience review and talk about EveryPlate, which I haven’t forgot about. Last night though was dish one and it was ok, but turned out looking bad. I’ll go into more detail on that later.

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