Trying New Things!

A new year means trying new things! One thing I am very adamant about this year is making healthier decisions. I want to lose weight, but I don’t want a temporary fix I want to make a lifestyle change. I’ve been working on meal plans, and exercise plans and progressively getting myself ready to start. I’m not setting a start date or an end date either. When I’m ready I’ll go for it, and until then I’ll slowly phase our junk food and phase in healthy portion controlled decisions. I’m going to take this change one day at a time!

One thing I’ve done is sign up for EveryPlate! I just got my first box today and I am so excited. I’ve tried other meal plans before, but I’m impressed right from the start by their packaging, which seems to have changed since some online reviews I’d previously seen. The meats and veggies are kept separate, and everything looks fresh and well portioned out. I’m going to do my first meal tomorrow night for dinner. I did order the 2 serving box, which gives me 2 servings of 3 meals at $5 a plate plus $8.99 shipping. So $38.99 a week. I’ll be able to enjoy dinner one day and lunch the next day with this for a total of 6 meals. There are options each week to customize and choose from 5 meals with one being a slightly higher priced premium meal like steak. I ordered Zesty Pork Tacos, Gravy Lover’s Meatballs and tomorrows Tuscan Herbed Chicken. Also unlike other meal kits the only thing they don’t include and recommend you keep on hand is butter, flour, oil of your liking, salt, and pepper. Also if you’re interested in trying it out you should totally check out my referral link it will give you $20 off so you’re looking at $18.99 for a box and you really can’t beat that for 6 plates of food! It’s easy to subscribe and cancel. I signed up, and cancelled future deliveries the next day so I could just try it. I will keep you guys updated on the meals and let you know if they are totally worth it.

Another thing I’ve done is something I would normally not do. Anyone who knows me knows my opinions of multi-level marketing companies and how they handle their sales strategies. The thing is a friend of mine proudly sells It Works. I’ve actually tried the Keto Coffee before and was surprised to not hate it. I’ve talked to friend’s who don’t sell the products that have tried them and actually had visible results. So I figured you know what I may as well try it to give myself a little kick start! If it doesn’t work for me then that’s a lesson learned, and if it does hey I can let you guys know! I will begin the cleanse I purchased on Sunday. It came with vitamins, a powder mix of some kind, these starter drinks, the classic It Works wraps that they are known for, and this really awesome blender bottle that was TOTALLY worth it. This thing has two small containers to keep a powder in (protein anyone?) as well as a little tray for vitamins and supplements! It also has the classic wire blender ball and a little place for a clip. It is super great, and handy. Even if the products don’t suit me I am excited about this bottle! If you’re interested in checking out any of their products here is my distributor’s link she’s a sweet military wife currently helping her husband push through the shutdown. She also sent me some videos that are super helpful in using the cleanse so I’m excited to get this going.

So check back here and join me on my journey!

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