Taking Care of Yourself

It’s so important to care for yourself. I often find I over commit to things and end up feeling like I’m drowning. I still want to do 365 posts, but I think doing them everyday is leaving me with writers block and posts that are done halfheartedly as more of a chore than anything else. I want to continue to enjoy this blog. So every once in a while I might skip a day, and I won’t beat myself up about it! Come next year I’ll set up a regular schedule for this since I’m sure I won’t have another 365 things to write about lol.

So I went to Ohayocon yesterday and it was ok. It was the last day and we got a lot of snow here so it wasn’t super crowded, and there weren’t a ton of cosplays that I recognized sadly. I came home and took a long nap, then had a hangry tantrum when the food I ordered for delivery was delivered wrong. Needless to say I came to the realization that I needed to focus on some self-care. I calmed down, reordered my food so it was right, watched some tv, snuggled with my dog and spent the evening playing video games and crocheting.

I learned to crochet in high school, but couldn’t remember much. So I went on Reddit and asked some folks for good videos. I was lead to a plethora of wonderful Youtube videos that not only taught me the bits I remembered, but actually taught me something new. All I knew how to do before was a granny square which takes forever. Now I can actually make a blanket any length I want! I’ve currently opted to start small with a scarf. It is definitely important when you’re feeling overwhelmed to take a step back and take a little time for yourself. You should never feel ashamed or selfish for doing so. If someone makes you feel as though you should focus on them and not yourself when you are very attentive to them normally they might be the ones showing a bit of selfishness.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious this website is a wonderful source to help you pinpoint it, and also to make sure you’re taking care of yourself!

Love who you are, and care for that person. ❤

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