5 Easy Organization Must Haves

With it being the start of a new year and my love of purging things this time of year I have come up with a list of some great organizational items you can find on Amazon. These will help you get started if you haven’t yet, or even if you’re in the process can make things a lot smoother.

This storage ottoman is a great addition to your living space. I like to keep board games, puzzles extra batteries for my remotes, and throws inside of mine. You can use it as a table in your home or as an extra seating area.
This closet organizer is a life saver! I have a very similar one from Amazon with an extra row of bins. It’s perfect as you can keep folded items or shoes on the shelves and use the bins to store socks, intimates and purses.
Pans are definitely the bane of my existence when it comes to storing them. I have enough space between 3 cabinets for all of my flatware, glasses and pans. The pans seem to take up the most space simply because of bulk so a pan organizer like this, which can easily fit on the door of one of my cabinets or in the corner of my counter space would definitely be a life saver.
Of course the lids need somewhere to go too and this is another great item for a cabinet drawer (shelving space permitted) or on some open wall space!

This Ikee Design organizer is the same one I have! It is fantastic for keeping myself organized, having my most used items at hand, and making sure I don’t over hoard my makeup!

If you like this type of post let me know I will be happy to make more in the future!

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